Pia Salmre

Pia Salmre
Pia Salmre
Multimedia Specialist
Voice of America

Dr. Pia Salmre has worn many hats over the years and has amassed considerable experience and expertise in the Communication, Wellness, Interagency Coordination and Broadcasting fields.
Currently, Dr. Salmre serves as a multimedia trainer whose job encompasses the Wellness and Work-Life fields. Recently, she was the representative for the Office of Human Relations (OHR) in the Inter-Agency Work Group on the Diversity and Inclusion Mission in conjunction with the Office of Civil Rights, (OCR) for the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Pia is the recipient of two Gold Medals from the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Pia’s communications career includes work as a Television Talk Show Host, Radio Producer, Outreach Coordinator, Director of the Voice of America (VOA) Tours, Educator, Interviewer, Writer, Teacher, Researcher, Model and Participant in a movie about the Iraq War.

Dr. Salmre has become a passionate advocate, trainer and voice for Diversity and Inclusiveness following issuance of President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13583, which established a Government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the Federal workplace, Dr. Salmre. That Executive Order advocated the recruitment and development of a diverse and inclusive workforce representative of all segments of our society. Dr. Salmre believes that compliance with the Executive Order requires not just an understanding of diversity and inclusiveness, but an understanding of those practices and challenges that may unconsciously derail an agency’s efforts to progress in these areas. Such challenges include “Unconscious Bias.” In pursuing her passion as a voice for diversity and inclusion, Dr. Salmre has been certified as a Master Game Changer after completing OPM’s “New IQ Master Game-Changer” Course. As a Master Game Changer, Pia has taken on the role of change advocate promoting diversity and inclusion through her training and speaking engagements. Dr. Salmre is currently writing a book on Cultural Communication and Unconscious Bias and has spoken at both the United States Department of the Navy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Unconscious Bias.

Dr. Salmre earned her doctorate with distinction from Howard University. She was awarded the University of Sweden Research Scholarship Award for Audience Research. Seton Hall University awarded her an Honorary Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership. Dr. Salmre also completed graduate work at Fairfield University graduating with an M.A., in Communications from Fairfield’s School of Corporate, Political and Mass Media Communication.

Pia Salmre is also a Board Member of the Baltic Institute, Board Member of the Estonian Relief Committee, Member of the Federal Communicators Network, Member of Federally Employed Women, Past Board Member of Arlington Independent Media and Present Member of the Hartford Condominium Board. In her free time, Pia is a Ballroom and Latin dancer.