2016 Healthcare Diversity Summit

The 2016 theme is “Many Faces Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare”. For each session, the moderator will direct questions to each of the panelists. Each panelist will have approximately 3-6 minutes to respond depending on questions that are directed to each panelist.

Major changes are occurring in the United States population and the nation’s health care institutions and delivery systems. Significant disparities in health status exist across population groups. But the health care enterprise, with all its integrated and disparate parts, has been slow to respond. The summit is designed to provide health care practitioners, administrators, students and professionals with a clear understanding of foundations, philosophies, and processes that strengthen diversity management, inclusion, and culturally competent care delivery.

Focusing on current practice and health care policy, including the recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), this summit will address how to integrate strategic diversity management, self-reflective leadership, and the personal change process with culturally and linguistically appropriate care into a cohesive systems-oriented approach for health care professionals.