Dr. Kathleen Blazer

Kathleen R. Blazer, Ed.D., M.S., L.C.G.C.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Cancer Genetics Education Program
Co-director, Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment
Co-investigator, Cancer Genetics Career Development Program
Cancer Risk Genetic Counselor

Kathleen R. Blazer, EdD, MS, LCGC, is a board-certified cancer risk genetic counselor and the associate director of City of Hope’s Cancer Genetics Education Program, a multifaceted cancer genetics education and training initiative for physicians and other health care professionals. She provides pro bono bilingual (English-Spanish) cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling services to underserved Latino families through an outreach program established by the Division of Clinical Cancer Genetics and supported through grants and compassionate funding. Dr. Blazer is co-director of the Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment, which offers interdisciplinary training in cancer genetics to physicians and other health care professionals. She is on the Advisory Board of the Physician’s Data Query of the National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Genetics Education Task Force for the National Society of Genetic Counselors. She is also a member of the American Society of Human Genetics, the American Association of Cancer Education, and Hadassah.