Our History

Organized in 2009, the California Diversity Council (CADC) is committed to fostering a learning environment for organizations to grow and leverage their knowledge of diversity. Through a variety of events and programs, the CADC serves as the premier resource for diversity best practices and leadership development in the state of California. It is currently comprised of 3 advisory boards: Los Angeles, Southern California, and Bay Area.


Our Mission

Enhance appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion. We will achieve success through the efforts and activities which:

  • Advance corporate leadership education/awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity
  • Commit leaders to discuss issues and challenge attitudes, and promote organizational changes that support diversity
  • Promote outreach efforts to our youth that inspire mutual respect and understanding


Our Vision

We are committed to transforming our workplace communities into environments where people are valued for their uniqueness and differences, and are confident that their contributions matter.


Our Goals

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community
  • Develop leaders who are educated and aware of all aspects of diversity and inclusion
  • Develop programs that support diversity education and awareness


Our Programs

  • Networking and mentoring opportunities with corporate leaders and peers
  • Community outreach for local high school teens and college students
  • Educational and development programs sharing best practices in diversity for businesses and professionals
  • Awards and recognition programs to promote diversity initiatives


Value Proposition

Organizations that join the NDC as corporate partners receive multiple benefits including:

  • Knowledge and idea sharing about innovative diversity and inclusion practices through presentations given and discussions led by internal and external subject matter experts during Diversity Best Practices Meetings, Diversity & Leadership Conferences, and chapter meetings (HRCI credits available for HR professionals)
  • Complimentary tables, booths, and tickets to various events and programs
  • Recruitment opportunities via events, meetings, and the DiversityFIRST job board
  • Networking opportunities with individuals who are passionate about diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Branding in all promotional materials for events and programs
  • Preference for speaking and award recognition opportunities at signature events
  • Gaining additional knowledge about diversity and inclusion topics during meetings and events that highlight the importance of distinct facets of D&I, including:
    • Women Empowerment – Women in Leadership Symposium, Women’s Conference
    • Youth Initiatives – Young Women’s Leadership Symposium, MOVE Conference
    • Diversity and Leadership – Diversity Best Practices Meetings, Annual Conference
    • Niche Industries and Groups – LGBT-Allies Diversity Summits, Veterans Summits, Healthcare Diversity Summits, Corporate Responsibility Summits
  • All employees within the organization have unlimited access to:
    • Hone and develop leadership skills by stepping into local and/or statewide Executive Officer, Committee Chair, and Event Chair roles
    • Attend all chapter meetings that take place within the area of their partnership
    • Participate in all webinars hosted by the NDC during the year
    • Log into the DiversityFIRST Toolkit, which contains ample D&I information
  • Network and establish relationships with numerous corporate partner organizations that can be found here.