Greetings from the Founder of the National Diversity Council, Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy

As the founder of the National Diversity Council, I would like to welcome you to the second edition of the 2015 California Diversity Council Newsletter. We are very excited about the upcoming year and the events we have planned for our community. Our most popular undertaking, the California Diversity and Leadership Conference, will take place on June 4. This grand event will feature special recognitions for Most Powerful & Influential Women, Multicultural Leaders and DiverstiyFirsttm Leaders, in the California area. Attendees will also have the chance to attend sessions addressing professional development, diversity best practices and essential leadership skills. I hope to see you there. As the California Diversity Council continues to grow, we will add initiatives and programs, which address a broader variety of topics, such as corporate responsibility, women's leadership, and the importance of education among our youth. We will also offer consulting and mentoring services specifically catered to your organization's needs, whether it be the formulation of diversity and inclusion efforts, corporate responsibility programs, or any other initiatives you may require. For a complete list of all our 2015 events, please visit our website at I would like to thank our state board of directors and all of our corporate partners for their continued support of our organization. As 2015 progresses, I invite you to participate in some of our upcoming events and learn more about our organization, as we continue to champion, educate, and raise awareness about diversity issues in California - one organization and one community at a time.

Dennis Kennedy Founder and CEO - National Diversity Council